Answers 1-40 are for the 2nd Edition of Cyber Realm.

The new card set including ‘Tools, Techniques, Procedures’ and ‘Defense in Depth’ answers can also be found below.

Note: all 3rd and 4th edition cards have encoded answers in the bottom-right of each card.


1           Least Privilege

2           Process Isolation

3           Information Hiding

4           Modularity

5           Least Privilege

6           Abstraction

7           Layering

8           Information Hiding

9           Domain Separation or Least Privilege

10         Modularity

11         Simplicity

12         Information Hiding

13         Simplicity

14         Abstraction

15         Least Privilege

16         Domain Separation

17         Layering

18         Modularity

19         Process Isolation

20         Abstraction

21         Domain Separation

22         Process Isolation

23         Resource Encapsulation

24         Resource Encapsulation

25         Resource Encapsulation

26         Layering

27         Minimization

28         Minimization

29         Simplicity

30         Minimization

31         Process Isolation

32         Resource Encapsulation

33         Simplicity

34         Layering

35         Modularization

36         Least Privilege

37         Information Hiding

38         Abstraction

39         Domain Separation

40         Minimization

Additional Card Set Answers

Defense in Depth II: Reconnaissance

Defense in Depth III: Covering Tracks

Defense in Depth IV: Scanning

Defense in Depth V: Maintaining Access

Defense in Depth VI: Gaining Access

Tools, Techniques, Procedures II:  Reconnaissance

Tools, Techniques, Procedures III:  Scanning

Tools, Techniques, Procedures IV:  Covering Tracks

Tools, Techniques, Procedures V:  Maintaining

Tools, Techniques, Procedures VI:  Gaining Access